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Flax Bread Dieting and Overeating Diet Food

Fresh Loaves of Flax Bread I am so excited to report that I stumbled onto a Carb Free Bread, and no, it is not some weird egg fake bread, it is a non gluten high fiber grain based bread! The … Continue reading

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addendum to my last post

Punctuation Is Not My Friend The old used car salesman Washes the plaster from his hands Cleans the blades and combs Back his matted hair. Remembering every overweight Chain smoking con-man He’s ever had the pleasure Of challenging, beady eyes, … Continue reading

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Paula, Poetry and Polar Options

First of all, is anyone else as surprised as i am the a grits in yo mouf southern belle turned working women turned mega star is an old fashioned racist hater at heart? i guess i am just a combination … Continue reading

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You Can’t Be an Entrepreneur and NOT Believe in Evolution

The Urban Fitness Movement, a yellow and black banner in a local city park. Five fat middle-aged people face off against a dreamer. Legend has it America was built by dreamers. Maybe it was. Maybe it was built by hard … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder about the Oddballs in Polls? And the Absolute Proof of Undeniable Evidence?

A friend of mine, Tim Brown, shared a link on Facebook to a recent poll by PPP, a Democratic Polling firm who uses automated data collection to build polls. The poll is here. I clicked and read thru and then … Continue reading

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Conversation with my Son, Christopher

Christopher asked me this morning what’s my favorite African animal and I told him I wasn’t sure I didn’t have a favorite and I told him he was my favorite Christopher.  He said what other  Christophers are there?  I said … Continue reading

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Ever Win Anything? Me Neither… But Now I Have… I Think

A few months ago, my favorite online literary site Shelfari, and my not so favorite literary site, Goodreads both became part of the Amazon Empire. As I have a pretty fabulous group on Shelfari, Better than Starbucks, and as I … Continue reading

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