Reading Men, Reading Boys

Not sure the proper way to do this, but I found this blog to be informative and helpful. At first I thought, oh, right, another “boys are so pitiful, good thing the girls run the world” story, and there is a hint of that in here, though why not, men have been righting the reverse for centuries.

I dont find reading to be a gender thing, as my brother, myself, my sons, my nephews and my male peers are all readers of one sort or another. But we are struggling with our brainiac youngest son, as he prefers to read non fiction, mostly scientific writing, which is fine, but limiting in its way. We are trying to create a fiction lover in the mold of his mother and myself.

A couple of points she raises here ring true, shortness, and action. I think a series of short action adventures might get him moving in the direction we are hoping for!


Thanks to “Ladyinthehouse” and her blog. I hope some of my blog readers find this useful, too. please feel free to let me know if you liked it, or if you prefer that I keep my blog “all Anthony, all the time”


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2 Responses to Reading Men, Reading Boys

  1. I hear you about the nonfiction. But to be honest, nonfiction is awesome too. And in fact, nonfiction is all the rage for publications. It’s a very real world out there. And though I myself am a lover of fiction and imagination, nonfiction is just as fantastic;) If he loves it, and he reads it, you are doing great!

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