Paula, Poetry and Polar Options

First of all, is anyone else as surprised as i am the a grits in yo mouf southern belle turned working women turned mega star is an old fashioned racist hater at heart? i guess i am just a combination of optimist and a naive person who expects people to be loving and respectful.
well honey, im low carb and low tolerance for haters. I hope you get a chance to do some self examination and dont get sucked into this whole victim movement of the old line haters club.

Poetry, Finding i am torn between the belief that one must learn the rules to break them. well, obviously, one cannot intentionally break something that oone doesnt know exists. but the real point is, do you have to belong to the educated literary set to be able to write something worth reading? the struggle for me is the all or nothing both sides seem to hurl. if you arent part of our club, you are a waste of time, or, if you tamper with the magical talent of genius writers, you will destroy their work. i am notoriously poor at spelling, punctuation and grammar (not even really sure what grammar is, but i kn ow it aint my friend, which is why i took to poetry at age 5 in the first place. how long is a sentence? how many sentences make up a [paragraph, when do you put a comma, a colon, a semi colon, a dash, a hyphen or a period? i just throw em where they feel good. i hope they land right side up. i have honestly been trying to learn this stuff for about 50 years now. i dont get it. i really dont. i know if someone helps me clean up a piece i have written it is prettier and more well recieved, but i cant do it. as this blog exhibits, without someone following along with a pooper scooper. i get pretty good points out, but they suffer for the fog of incorrections (yeah, i just pulled a shakespeare on you there)

anyway, that went on far enough i think yall rate a new paragraph, and anyway, i was ready to segway into the polar options thing.

How come i can do long strings of math in my head, i can remeber my bank account, my social, several phone numbers, my dr lic, my CC number and every address i have ever lived at (over 20) different places,
but i cannot remember things that are two options, its worse than grammar, do you turn it right or left, is it the first switch of the second one to turn on the light? in our master barth we have a bank of 5 switches, no problem, i know what each is for, but if its only two, i have to turn the key both ways, i have to hit the fam switch as often as the light in the hall bath, and so on. give me two choices and i cannot succeed, give me twenty and i get the right one everytime. why is that? yeah, that was my polar options, not north and south, but by the way, back to english, how come we have a c in the first sylable of arctic? i never hear anybody say it? how the world says salmon and london and facade wrong? it took me a long time to figure how to say words that i understand perfectly what the meant when i read them. who made up this stupid club and how come we didnt kill the founding members and put out the eyes of all their followers?

happy weekend yall:)


here is a little poem i wrote 20 yrs ago that i like a lot, called


punctuation is not my friend

(it still isnt)


well dernnit. i cant find it, will have to track it down and post it later



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