Flax Bread Dieting and Overeating Diet Food

Flax Bread Dieting and Overeating Diet Food

Fresh Loaves of Flax Bread

I am so excited to report that I stumbled onto a Carb Free Bread, and no, it is not some weird egg fake bread, it is a non gluten high fiber grain based bread! The grain is flax seed, not wheat, so it doesnt respond to yeast, but does nicely with a generous dose of baking powder. Suzanne had found a good recipe for low carb breakfast bars, which used a combination of ground almonds and ground flax seed. they were pretty good, but i began to think that there was a way to make regular bread with the flax seed meal. leaving out the almonds would save on the carbs and if you have ever done low carb you know bread is a treat you cant even let yourself fantasize about. I had seen some low carb bread offerings in an old Dr atkins cookbooks. no thanks. but this with a little trial and error is truly yummy, in fact, it is pretty addictive, and as all the carbs in it are fiber, one could eat about as one wants! Well, there are limits even to almost zero.

In the last two days, i have eaten over a loaf of bread per day, the first day i only lost .2 lbs, not much, but still 73 lbs per year, and coincidentally, i was about 73 lbs from my goal. i had hoped to get there sooner, but it occurred to me if i could get to my target on June 25, 2014, and eat a loaf of bread everyday in between, what was the hurry!!!!?

well, this morning, when i did my daily weighin, i was up .8 lbs! uh oh. seems you can only eat some many pounds of food and still lose weight! so today i am trying to eat a little less bread, but it is so yummy… well, expect a full report tomorrow, if i have not lost back a bit of those 11 ounces, i will have to reconsider, but i am hoing i can have a couple of slices of yummy bread and continue to lose towards my target.

if you wanna try it:

Flax Bread Loaf

400 degrees 30 minutes
2 cups ground flax seed
4 teaspoon Baking powder
1 salt
1/3 cup splenda

mix dry ingredients

1 /3 cup Coconut oil
2 eggs
1/2 c Heavy Whipping Cream

mix by hand

pour out in to well greased pan


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  1. update: lost a full pound yesterday, only ate three slices, maybe four…!

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