What you hear on NPR….

Listening to some kind of expert on NPR talk about the pipeline
for the Canadian tar sands and why did not matter if we sold the the oil overseas
(A caller had suggested it should’ve consumed domestically, to lower prices for the poorest consumers in america)
because all prices are set globally so wherever it’s put in to the marketplace
that is where it will effect globally.
i am familiar with this argument, and have always believed it, but now i’m not so sure.

it occurs to me a lot of countries have ridiculously low prices
for oil because they have domestic subsidies appliable,
from Venezuela to places in the Middle East have oil domestically
a lot cheaper than the global market value.
it seems to me like we could do something like that if we wanted to
I’m not sure that would justify using the pipeline to move Tar sand oil.p

My only point is that we, just like other countries,
should be able to subsidize oil,
not at the well head, but at the pump.
Maybe even tax exported oil to pay for the domstic break.
that is, if our goal is to increase domestic consumption.
seems to me like a better idea is to encourage exports,
while taxing exported petroleum to underwrite clean energy here,
including my old dream of the poor persons hybrid or electric car.
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