Tonight I Am Glad My Children Aren’t Black


No More Dead Kids!

What do you tell your child? No matter their skin color.

I am baffled. I thought this was gonna end. I thought we had come further, but maybe we havent.

What does any parent tell their child, but most especially what does a black parent tell their child? Shooting down an unarmed kid in the street should never be okay. I would argue against the free flow of guns to racist nutjobs, but that is only about the killing. 

I dont know what we do when 6 women can hear the screams of a mothers baby and still let the killer go.

It breaks my heart. 

It enrages me, but I dont know what we do. 

I understand progress is slow. I agree with Bro. Martin, it bends slow, but what of all those denied justice, or even basic safety under that slow arc? 

I just dont know, but I know we have to change it!

Where do we go as white folks? As Black folks? As Americans? As human beings. On the evening in Feb 2012, a racist thug stalked an unarmed young man, confronted him and killed him. I doubt we will ever know if GZ met the requirements to be a murderer, but it is clear that he committed and unjustified killing. Did Trayvon defend himself? Did he attack GZ? I am not sure, but if a crazy man with a gun was stalking you, how much “stand your ground” rights do you have. I would hope my kids wouldnt jump a stranger with or without a gun, but 17 yr olds make bad decisions, even good kids. Was Trayvon a good kid, depends on who you ask, but nothing the media nor the defense tried to smear him with was a crime punishable by death. It seems clear that he was guilty of being black in a society that still finds that to be crime enough to let a crazy man with a gun disobey police, confront a kid in the dark and shoot him down in cold blood and walk away free. in fact, i would expect GZ to become a bit of a celebrity in some circles. We can change the “stand your ground”  law, though i doubt we will. we can pass laws to regulate gun ownership, but again, i doubt we will. Trayvon is just one more body to be stacked on the millions of dead kids this country has already sacrificed in the past century. white kids, black kids, brown kids, gay kids, straight kids, 2 yr olds strapped in their car seats, and teenagers out for a walk. I am not sure I see anything changing.

Lets review:

We arent going to change the gun laws.

We arent going to change the “stand your ground” laws.

When a man kills a boy, and the boy is dark skinned, we arent going to convict the man, even if “stand your ground” defense isnt used.

We believe in liberty and justice for all?

I am just lost. Can people of color and good people of all colors organize and vote to change the people who write the laws? would it make a difference? if GZ had been carrying illegally, if there had been no murky ground for him to stand on, how do we get society to stand up and say, “this shall not stand!”? Where is the jury? what kind of prosecution do we have?

I have taught my children, especially Christopher, but all of them, my number one rule:

No Dead Kids

everything else we can fix, but if they die, or if they kill someone, there is no fixing that. how come America doesnt have this same number one rule?

How do we value life, how do we really live “pro-life”? all human life.

What do we do?

What do we do?


One small thing we can all do:


Please sign it now!


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4 Responses to Tonight I Am Glad My Children Aren’t Black

  1. Reminds me of another Zimmerman –
    Now ain’t the time for your tears, there aren’t enough tears.

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