NO POTATOES except sweet potatoes and yams are allowed.

Stolen from my cousin James Kennedy's Facebook post. Apparently in 1918 the potato lobby was more effective

Stolen from my cousin James Kennedy’s Facebook post. Apparently in 1918 the potato lobby was more effective

To some people, they will already know exactly what this post is about. Until a few moments ago, I had no idea what that phrase meant or where it came from.

On page 20 of the 23 page WIC guide it explains that one cannot use the WIC check for, among other things: ”

Fruit & Vegetable Voucher
Any brand of fruits and
vegetables that are fresh, frozen,
or in cans, plastic, or glass
sweet potatoes
and yams are allowed.
No canned or dry beans or peas that are
allowed with the WIC check for
No baby or toddler fruits and vegetables.
No added sugar, syrup, fat, oil, meat,
pasta, or rice.
No dried fruits or vegetables.
No nuts or coconuts.
No fruits and vegetables from salad bars.
No party trays.

No fruit baskets”

Well, as I have been on a low carb diet for the better part of two years, with some success, though not all of it in a straight line, I am not too upset to see a restriction on potatoes, but as I am pretty sure a baby should more carbs in its little growing body than my middle aged self, as most dieticians i have heard of in the last few decades are more worried about fat than carbs, and as potatoes are loaded with carbs and has no fat, i wonder that we restrict the potatoes. It occurs to me, that most laws, local state or federal, be they good laws or bad laws tend to have a financial component. i wonder that the potato lobby did not pay well enough to be included? I have no proof. I only wonder.

I ran to Publix after dinner for a few items, and as i was checking out, a young mother, pushing a stroller with a toddler on board and a few items stuffed underneath. she pulled out two bunches of bananas and a small bag of potatoes, while i started stacking my few items on the conveyor belt, i noticed the clerk was explaining that she could not use the WIC voucher she had tendered for potatoes “see it says right here, NO POTATOES”

Then she looked at it closer, “and you cant use it for the bananas today, see it is dated for the 25th”

Today is the 24th. She put everything back, and pushed her child out into the parking lot, leaving empty handed.

I felt bad for the mother and her child, but i did nothing, maybe i should have pitched in for the what 8-10 bucks? i didnt, but i was puzzled.

I know if you take any assistance in America, you must be a bad person, though she didnt look like a drug dealer, a crack whore or a bank robber, but who knows, surely the evilness of the poor comes from within, if they were good and decent, they would be successful, no? anyway, it wasnt like she left baby food on the counter, but it still made me wonder. why do we send out checks that are not valid for a few days? do we not expect poor people to need as much help as they can get as soon as they can get it? and why no potatoes?


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