Elephant and Other Bad Jokes

Christopher and I, and especially me, enjoy telling bad jokes, and silly puns.
Suzanne either pretends or really is annoyed by this. (Sometimes I almost believe her)

The problem is Christopher and I have a limited repretiore, (is this really the way to spell the word I am looking for? I tried about 6 different spellings before I got spellcheck to throw a “French-looking” word at me) mostly on the spot bad puns and a series of elephant jokes, all of the following are due to my old ex friend Dennis Lay,
excepting the one about butter, which, to her discredit, was contributed by Suzanne!

Elephant Jokes:

Why did the elephant wear his green tennis shoes?
to hide in the grass

Why did the elephant wear his red tennis shoes?
to hide in the cherry trees

Why did the elephant wear his green tennis shoes?
his green and red ones were in the washing machine

Why did the elephant float down the river on his back?
to keep from getting his tennis shoes wet

How do you make an elephant float?
two scoops of elephant, one scoop of ice cream

What did Adam say when the elephants charged?
here come the grapes (Adam was colorblind)

How did Adam get killed?
picking cherries

How can you tell if an elephant has been in your refrigerator?
look for tracks in the butter (per suzanne)

The most common pun joke, is a variation on:

(caused by actually seeing a policeman writing a citation
of someone in an IHOP parking lot)

Why did the policeman go to IHOP?
maybe he needed to make an “arrestaurant”

If you have any bad jokes to contribute to the cause, especailly elephant jokes,
we all, well Suzanne possibly excepted, we be much obliged.

so as an old anti litter campaign said:

“Pitch in”


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2 Responses to Elephant and Other Bad Jokes

  1. Steve says:

    I was playing the piano in a bar and this elephant walked in and started crying his heart out. I said “Do you recognise the tune?” He said “No, I recognise the ivory”

    Courtesy of Tim Vine

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