They Had No Voice by Denny Abbott

New Book by Dennis Abbott

New Book by Dennis Abbott

New Book by Dennis Abbott

Denny tells a tale that many of us southerners have seen in bits and pieces in our own lives. The struggle to stop the damage done to the poor children, especially the poor black children of Alabama and later the work he has done in Florida goes a long way to restore my confidence in at least some of my fellow citizens. Denny was and is a strong law and order type, but he realized early on that any real justice has to be fair and has to offer a path of redemption and cannot be used as a path to enslave folks, innocent folks and not so innocent folks. The Story of Mt Meigs echoes the recent findings about the “School” in Marianna, FL. People like Denny not only helped us move forward through their courageous acts in some our darkest hours, but shine a light onto the path we must take forward to maintain and build on the progress of those black and white, who fought to end the horrors visited on children who were born “the wrong color.”

Thanks Denny, for your life’s work, and for this book that opens up a slice of the hidden world that we so often tread over without seeing.


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