In Answer to a Friend Regarding the Death Penalty

My friend is from a different country, a different culture and i would say from a different religion, except as an atheist i am only culturally a Christian.

She opposed the death penalty in many cases, but thought it was a good penalty for those who brutally raped or killed in cold blood.

my answer:

not for anything, mass murder of small children. would i kill a rapist or a murderer who murdered one of my friends or family? sure. but the reason we have civil society is to mete out justice, not revenge, and to kill a person who is in custody and can do no harm is not justice, it is murder, and when our societies murder someone, all members of that society become murderers, so if we are to kill all murderers, we would need to kill all humans.

while i welcome your comment and opinion, know i am not to be persuaded by example or anger, and no, i am not trying to straddle the fence, i am not even concerned with the likelihood that we convict people unfairly and unevenly. that is certainly true, but i am speaking of the ones there is no doubt, with witnesses and confession and dna evidence. to kill another human, when there is no need is murder. no exceptions.


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One Response to In Answer to a Friend Regarding the Death Penalty

  1. Purvika says:

    So true, if the convicted is given punishment and either can never come out of jail or does have a change of heart then I think, is not entitled for death penalty but those who easily escape and repeat it does need serious repercussion.

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