Respect, for a Man, a Desk, an Office

Such Disrespect

Such Disrespect

More Disrespect

More Disrespect

I have been a little surprised to see the way folks, white folks, educated white folks, carry on about stuff.

I know there is a long tradition of sophisticated black folks picking on the behavior of black folks in general, talking in movies, talking to the movies, CPT, baggy pants, unwed mothers and a load of other stuff.

Bill Cosby is a prime example of this, as are Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, though the later three usually do it in context of racism in general, whereas Cosby tends to just blast away at his own folks.

I dont care about that. I mean, I can laugh when its funny and cry when it aint, but I am beginning to wonder about when we gonna start making fun of white folks. Yes, us white folks, we gotta laugh at the white stupidity out there.

Of course, there is the general, redneck ignorant whiteness that is just embarrassing and a little tough to pick on because even though much of it is self inflicted, it traces back to poverty and lack of education and it seems unfair to blame folks for their disadvantages. But then there is racism that is too stupid to be blamed on ignorance, you know the kind that thinks a Harvard educated lawyer isnt really very smart. The kind that thinks it is wrong for him to take a few weeks vacation, even though he takes less than his predecessor ( By the way, even with W. I think it is important to remember no president is really ever on vacation), like when folks got upset about his allowing a Marine to hold his umbrella, then it came out that pretty much all presidents let military folks hold their umbrellas and all sorts of other little courtesies.

Now we have white people getting bent because Obama, the Negro, has his shoes on his desk. You know, its funny, i have never put my feet on a desk, nor a coffee table, though I do have a nice leather ottoman my wife got me for a Christmas present one year, my feet are on it now. I dont think I ever put my shoes on the couch after I was about 6 and got a whipping for it. But for some reason, certain executives like to do this. it seems to make them feel like they belong behind a great big desk.

If you run General Motors, or a local Painting Contracting company, and it makes you happy, I dont care if you put your feet in your sink, much less on your desk.

If you dont think the president, no matter how much you dont like him ( I really havent liked a Goper President since Ike, and the more I read about him, the less I like him), but he (and someday soon, she) is still not only an executive, but the most powerful executive in the world!

If Joe Smoe of Joe Smoe Garage and Pizza Shop can put his feet up, the president of the United states of America can, too!

And the funny thing is, they ALL have!!

So, before you get all WHITE about the Negro disrespecting the Office, and the furniture, SHUT UP and look at these pictures.

You dont have to send the White House an apology, you dont even have to apologize to every black person you know, just stop the stupidity, NOW! you are embarrassing us white folk….


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