Cowards and their Signs, Kinda Reminds Me of Bill Engvall (The “Here’s your sign” guy)

Obama’s agenda is not criminal. He is trying to help.
Will he make the right decision? Probably.

Will he be criticized for it? Most certainly.
The criminals are on both sides in Syria.
The question is which bunch of criminals are more likely
to be less harmful to the people of Syria?
Much like Egypt, thugs fighting thugs and the people get killed
in the cross fire. You must know how tempting it is for our president
to say “to hell with all of y’all, kill each other to your hearts’ content”?
But his sense of morality makes it hard to ignore the killing of
innocents by those so many Americans would defend.
Thug, thugs and thugs, and people worry about Obama… ImageImageImage
And they think holding up a bunch of ignorant dishonorable men
hiding behind their signs make their case? Really?
Is Syria a bad war? Yes.
Is it wrong to get involved? No.
Is it likely to go wrong? Of course.

If you see a baby on a train track, wouldnt it be easier to say “not my child”?
People act like Obama put the baby on the track.
But this train is already coming, the baby is already on the track,
If he does nothing, I will respect that.
If he launches missiles, I will respect that.
If he invades, I would strongly argue against it, but I would hope for the best.
(He isnt going to invade)

Half of the people in America who oppose action in Syria do so on
the grounds that all war is bad.
Using that logic the Third Reich would still be in control of Europe.
The other half seem to object to us allying with the bad guys in
the resistance. I understand this problem, but we allied with the
worst of the communists, Stalin, to beat the Nazis.

Sometimes you have to choose which thug you are going to fight with against a greater evil.
(Yeah there is also a tiny slice of the American public who actually support Assad)

So unless you have a better idea on how to end the suffering in Syria,
why dont we give Obama a chance to make a difference?

And how come the same people who say we arent the world’s policeman will quote the saying,  “All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing…”
― Edmund Burke?


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4 Responses to Cowards and their Signs, Kinda Reminds Me of Bill Engvall (The “Here’s your sign” guy)

  1. P Sweitzer says:

    Love the comments!!

  2. songsofhersoul says:

    I love this poem. In fact I have to say it is one of your best. There is nothing romantic, but all too real and human, the passion, the thoughts. You are a poet and that is the highest my form, my limitations can give you. I cannot do justice to your work. I love it. You may then tell me this is not a poem, but it is to me.

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