I seriously think I have a solution to the gun crisis in America!

Of course there are those that look at the dead bodies, especially the dead babies piling up and honestly think we do not have a problem, or that the problem isnt caused by guns. And, while it is true that generally speaking, guns dont kill people, people do (which is why i support no gun control, but am a strong supporter of regulations that would test restrict and otherwise make every REASONABLE effort to keep guns out of the hands of nuts, suicidal folks and toddlers), it is hard to say a three year old who picks up her daddy’s pistol and blows herself away that a gun wasnt the key factor, sure she could have picked up a rock and bashed her head in, but it seems far less likely.
But for those of us who can stipulate that guns are a problem in America, not guns of themselves, as a rule, but the fact that there are about as many guns as there are cars, and about as many gun deaths and car deaths, and as cars actually allow us to do useful stuff like go to work, go to school, visit friends, transport goods from one location to another, etc. guns pretty much just kill people and other living things. And while, as I pointed out in the recent blog about Suzanne’s car wreck, while car ownership and miles driven have continued to climb, car related deaths have dropped dramatically over the last 50 yrs due to a concerted effort to make our cars and highways safer, gun deaths have continued to climb, though the number of people with guns has decreased, meaning we are doing a poorer and poorer job of keeping the guns out of wrong hands.
As the 2nd amendment has been contorted to defend almost anyone’s right to buy almost any kind of weapon, some cities and towns have offered to buy back guns to get them off the street, and while this might save a few suicides and accidental toddler deaths, it hardly seems to be putting a dent in either the overall gun ownership numbers of the amount of gun related crime and deaths.
I have studied the statistics at the link below and I think I have an idea that would make a difference.
Men are twice as likely as women to be gun owners and white men are twice as likely as black men to own guns, and while I have heard the argument, and even concede it to a point, that women should be allowed to carry guns to “even things up” with big brutish men, it doesnt look like that is who owns the guns.
And while I have heard from several rather reliable sources, that black men are not particularly more well endowed with reproductive organs than white men (I have not done any research personally), there is such a myth or stereotype.
so if the most of the guns are owned by white men, it might follow that their gun ownership is a manner of coping with a real or at least self perceived lack of “manliness” on their part. May i propose, and again I have done no research into the cost of this, as it is not something I have ever had any personal interest in, but maybe, to get to the “root of the problem” so to speak, we could offer, not to buy back guns, but to perform free penis enhancement for white men, or maybe men in general, maybe the black men who carry guns have the same problem, or at least the same self perception that they do not live up to their stereotype.
I am also convinced that a part of the equation is basic cowardice, leading fearful men to feel the need to carry a gun to keep them from having to pay for all the sins they have committed or are going to commit, but as i am a lowly poet, and not the Wizard of Oz, i dont have an easy solution to giving these cowardly lions a brave heart. But maybe if they were carrying a few extra inches of flesh in their pants, they wouldnt feel the need to hold a long, hard, deadly piece of metal in their pocket!
Just a thought.

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30 Responses to I seriously think I have a solution to the gun crisis in America!

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    • sure, but the question is how to get the 40% of Americans who do own a weapon to get rid of them safely

      • lwk2431 says:

        “the question is how to get the 40% of Americans who do own a weapon to get rid of them safely”

        You might as well ask how to convince 40% of Americans to commit suicide, safely. Or how to get a lot of Americans to voluntarily get on the train and take a nice ride to Dachau or Auschwitz and walk into the gas chambers whistling a cheery tune. 🙂

        In the real world even good nations (exactly whatever that is) have to have weapons to defend themselves from not so good nations. The same is true of good people. The police are like the UN. They arrive too late after a lot of people are already killed.Or as they say (and correctly), when you only have seconds the police are minutes away.


      • Maybe, but in the real world most civilized nations don’t have as many guns as they have citizens. If we could just reduce the “small penis”, so that white males were no more likely than any other demographic, we would save thousands of lives. Funny that you would compare death camps for minorities to efforts to reduce deaths in all groups

      • lwk2431 says:

        anthonyuplandpoetwatkins writes:

        “…most civilized nations don’t have as many guns as they have citizens.”

        Most “civilized nations” never had the degree of individual freedom that the U.S. had (past tense). America affected many to some extent and by example led to expand their freedom, but many are sliding back into the morass of socialism and totalitarian government, as is the U.S.

        “If we could just reduce the “small penis”,”

        Maybe if you stayed away from the veggie burders a little more? I hear they have a chemical that mimics natural estrogen and that may explain the feminizing (and small penises) or many.


      • Funny, I have never eaten a veggie burger…. If you confuse the stupidity of needing a gun with masculinity, you insult the intelligence of real of real manhood, as well as the moral decency of real men. If cowardice requires a full grown white man to risk the lives of the young, the old and the weak, so that he may hide behond a killing machine, he is not very manly.

      • lwk2431 says:

        anthonyuplandpoetwatkins writes:

        “If you confuse the stupidity of needing a gun with masculinity, …”

        Did you ever notice that the increasing number of women at the gun ranges with handguns are starting to grow facial hair and other signs of increasing masculinity? 🙂

        I guess women who want to take their protection into their own hands are actually wanting a penis and facial hair?


      • Never been to a gun range, except a couple of police ranges. Never noticed any women, except maybe a few transgendered ones trying to grow facial hair. I am assuming you are again trying to make a crude joke. I do truly wonder what your point is, except to show your fear of women. The only woman I am afraid of us my wife. And only a fool has no fear of his wife!

      • lwk2431 says:

        anthonyuplandpoetwatkins writes:

        “I do truly wonder what your point is,…”

        That many women own guns, in fact many more are buying them today now that legal concealed carry is available, and your sexist hate speech against masculinity and penises is misplaced.

        Speaking of masculinity, the true definition is the willingness to defend the weak, and the willingness to put in the effort to acquire the ability to defend them. Men who can’t or won’t defend their family are not men, not in my dictionary.



      • Seems like on several points you and I agree. Funny thing, as bringing a gun into the house puts ones family in great harm, by your own definition, bringing a gun into the house is about the least manly thing a man can do!

      • lwk2431 says:

        anthonyuplandpoetwatkins writes:

        “…bringing a gun into the house puts ones family in great harm,…”

        Except I don’t believe what you say is true, for everyone that is.

        Dr. Arthur Kellerman did a study and claimed if you had a gun in your house you were 43 times more likely to harm yourself or a family member with it than kill an intruder or criminal. Problem was this his study was full of holes.

        Dr. Gary Kleck riddled Kellerman once the data from the study was available. In fact Kellerman’s data showed just the opposite that what he claimed (he data didn’t show these guns used for bad things in his study were actually kept in the house).

        Kellerman then admitted maybe it was 43 times, but maybe 2.x times (don’t remember the exact value for .x). But in fact even that is nonsense. Dr. Kleck showed conclusively that in the majority of cases of self defense against intruders or criminals a person rarely fired a gun. Therefore Kellerman only counting cases where people shot or killed an intruder hugely understated the defensive benefits of having a firearm in the home.

        Also there is suicide to consider. Something like 2/3s or “gun deaths” are suicides. But people who commit suicide with a gun mean to kill themselves. They will use other means if guns are not available. You could conceivably reduce “gun deaths” if guns weren’t available to people intending suicide, but you wouldn’t most likely reduce overall suicide deaths. People in Japan have no problem killing themselves without guns.

        Also the participants in his study were not necessarily highly representative of society in general. Maybe if you are an ex-felon living with a drug dealer them Kellerman’s conclusions might apply.

        But the fact is that the vast majority of responsible and law abiding people who have guns in their house do not increase the risk to their family. Of course the media will trumpet the examples to the skies – if it bleeds it leads is their motto.

        In summary, your claim is largely nonsense. It is obviously true in my small town in Texas where a lot of people are “armed to the teeth.” When I came to Texas I thought I had a large gun collection, but was summarily informed it was only a “begninner’s collection” in Texas. But guess what? With all those guns we most often average 0 per 100K homicides per year.


      • wow! funny how you can look at facts and see the opposite of what they show. people who use guns are no more likely to wish to be dead than people who use other methods. at the moment, most of them truly wish to be dead, only with guns, there is a much less chance for them to be rescued and get the mental health help they need and live a productive life long past the day of the attempt. the vast majority of people killed with weapons are suicides and accidental shootings, and in your pretend world, those dont count. in the real world of dead kids, they do.

        could be in your little town, you are right about murder, but probably not about gun deaths:

        Just as regionally comparative studies suggest that firearm homicides are more of an urban problem, they generally show that firearm-related suicides and accidents are a bigger problem in rural areas. In rural Kentucky, between 1988 and 1993 the relative risk and confidence intervals (CIs) for pediatric gun deaths by suicide and unintentional injuries were 3.07 (1.85-4.29) and 1.66 (1.04-2.27), respectively.[17] In Oklahoma, between 1982 and 1983 the pediatric unintentional gun death rate was four times higher in rural counties.[18] In Texas, between 1984 and 1988 the pediatric death rate for unintentional shootings was 2.9 times greater in rural counties, whereas the pediatric death rate for homicides was 2.4 times greater in metropolitan areas. (Patterson PJ, Holguin AH. Firearm-related deaths among children in Texas: 1984-1988. Tex Med 1990:86:92-7.)

        In a rural North Carolina county, between 1990 and 1991, 59% of gun deaths were suicides, and none was unintentional.

      • lwk2431 says:

        anthonyuplandpoetwatkins wrote:

        “the vast majority of people killed with weapons are suicides and accidental”

        And the proper solutions are:

        1. Better mental health programs to help those people who can be helped. Some people are going to kill themselves and you can’t stop that by taking away guns.

        2. Gun training and safety training in schools to lessen the liklihood of accidents.


      • that and restricting guns to those who can show they are mentally stable, technically capable and able to take the liability responsibility for their weapon if it is stolen or in someway used to harm others except in self defense, then i can agree that your steps are helpful

      • lwk2431 says:

        anthonyuplandpoetwatkins wrote:

        “…restricting guns to those who can show they are mentally stable, technically capable and able to take the liability responsibility for their weapon if it is stolen or in someway used to harm others except in self defense, then i can agree…”

        This is a point we are not going to agree on.

        The right to keep and bear arms is a Constitutionally protected right, just like freedom of speech. People don’t have to prove beforehand that they are good spellers and are familiar with grammar before being allowed to post their writing on the Internet (which is good for me 🙂 ).

        What you want is for people to _prove_ they are qualified to exercise a Constitutional right, the right to keep and bear arms, before the government allows them to exercise that right (a priori restraint of a Constitutional right).

        I say that it is a basic right and the government (at whatever level; city, state, Federal) has an obligation to show that a person cannot exercise that right safely before it can be taken away.

        So we are not going to agree on that.

        What you want is for people to have to prove they are innocent (capable). What I stand for is government having to prove you are guilty (dangerous).

        Btw, I posted this on my blog which you might find interesting:

        A Modern 2nd Amendment

        Basic premise of the post is to put the 2nd Amendment in modern language with full _context_ of what the Founders believed.



  2. lwk2431 says:

    ” you and your children are about 7 times more likely to die from a gun shot than those of us who do not own guns,”

    You can show your statistics to back that up, and I would bet when you do that you will find that a lot of those you are calling “children” above are teenage gang bangers in the inner city killing each other or gang turf or drugs.

    I think it is dishonest to call those teenage gang bangers “children” as if they were some innocent children that had nothing to do with their own early demise.

    Some truly innocent children are killed with guns, mostly in accidents of some sort, but real children are also killed by cars and a lot of other things to like drowning in unattended swimming pools. Guns are way down on the cause of death for real children (not counting teenage gang bangers).

    “if we could reduce our gun deaths to a rate comparable to the middle of the pack with the rest of the civilized world”

    Japan has hardly any guns in private hands. Yet they commit suicide in astounding numbers. A lot of the gun deaths you are talking about are suicides. People who commit suicide with a gun really mean to commit suicide. They will use other means if guns are not available.

    Ok that removes well over half of those gun deaths from consideration in comparison. Some of those countries you talk about with low “gun deaths” still have lots of deaths, murder and suicide, just not committed without a gun.

    According to 2011 FBI stats where the race of an offender in a homicide case was known it was black over 52% of the time. Blacks, primarily in inner cities, are a major factor in U.S. homicide statistics. Remove them from the count and a large part of the rest of the country where people own lots of guns compares quite nicely with many European countries.

    We have some real _social_ problems in our inner cities. Those need to be fixed, but guns are secondary, not the primary cause.

    In my small hometown in Texas gun ownership is rather high. When I moved here I thought I had a large gun collection but was informed that by Texas standards it was a beginner’s collection. 🙂

    In that same town the homicide rate most years is 0 per 100K.

    “if the majority of gun owners were women…”

    With the “shall issue” concealed carry movement more and more women are becoming gunowners for the first time. I see more and more women with guns at the range all the time. I predict this is an accelerating trend. I have a concealed carry permit and perhaps by next year my wife will too (we’re waiting to see if she will be able to carry in an elementary school where she teaches).

    “Historically, neither the death penalty, nor “3 strikes” sentences, while generally helpful in reducing REPEAT offenders,”

    In Texas we use the death penalty. 100% guaranteed to stop repeat offenses.

    “(and sadly, this supreme court’s) interpretation of the 2nd amendment”

    The Supreme Court interpreted it exactly correctly. It is an individual right. What you really mean is you wish that the Court had found an excuse to ignore the Founders clear intent (read the Federalist Papers). In fact look at my blog, latest post at this point in time.

    2nd Amendment and AR-15s

    If anyone rationally studies what the Founders said and wrote there is no doubt what they intended. They wanted Americans to be armed so if necessary they could join together in state regulated militias and defeat an army of the Federal government gone bad.

    If you read my post above you will see that I consider that times have changed, and that I don’t think it is quite the protection it once was. Nevertheless it is better than nothing.

    I also wrote about that here:

    The Well Regulated Militia

    “as soon as you solve this,…

    I also wrote on a scheme for univeral background checks that I think gun owners might accept:

    Universal Background Checks

    “racial discrimination and unfair wealth distribution…”

    A large part of the problem with race in this country is black racism today. The other side of the coin is the “soft racism of low expectations” of many white Liberals.

    If you read Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter E. Williams – both astounding black intellectuals – you will see that unintended consequences of well meaning policies have destroyed the black family in large part.

    I am old enough to have seen “Whites Only” signs and I watched Dr. King give his “I Have A Dream” speech live on a black and white TV. I have seen enormous progress during that time, mostly by whites who have worked to change their social attitudes. Unfortunately I don’t see a lot of recipricocity from blaks in that respect.

    Blacks worship the ground that Dr. King walked on but many have betrayed every priciple he stood for in life; principles like love, tolerance, and forgiveness.

    As regards to wealth distribution there are two basic options:

    1. Equality of poverty under some form of Socialism or Communism

    2. Inequality of wealth under free markket Capitalism, the most moral system of economic activity ever devised by man.



    • funny thing, while i disagree with nearly 100% of what you just posted, though i am in no mood to go point by point and refute it, and while i find it to be a mix of honest misunderstandings, points for serious discussion, dishonest misrepresentations, and bias bordering on racism i certainly dont see anything that would rate kicking it to “must be approved” status. I sat my blog to automatically approve, and it has let you post twice with pre-approval, not sure what happened, maybe the length, maybe because it had embedded links, maybe it had some key controversial words that wordpress finds suspicious? not sure, but, i welcome your (and any)postings, even when i disagree with them, as long as they arent so crude as your first one, but as i can edit them, i am not even too worried about that. I think open discussions of points we disagree on are helpful. I hope you have the same approach on your blog. I have found if one is correct, often the opposition will help make your point. i believe this to be the case with our exchange, and again, i am glad you are reading my blog. i think you are mistaken on so many points it is hard to know where to start, but conversation is a good thing!

      • songsofhersoul says:

        I feel uncomfortable with guns around. I prefer a bare knuckled fight, if it ever came down to it.

      • songsofhersoul says:

        Gloves are good. I would just use my hands if it ever came down to it. It has before and I don’t really like guns, but mainly because I feel that a gun does not reveal a character strong enough to handle things without it. I know it is not always true, but using a gun is as a means to seriously disable or kill the other person, therefore making a dirty, unfair situation. However in self defence, that is a different matter. Not for me though. I want something where everyone lives.

    • lwk2431 says:

      songsofhersoul writes:

      “I want something where everyone lives.”

      And how do you feel about some of the real sociopaths out there who would not only kill you, but in many cases would obtain great sexual satisfaction in the act of killing you?

      You probably don’t believe such people really exist, do you?


      • not only do i believe they exist, i realize most of them have guns… guns they either bought legally, bought from someone who bought them legally or stole them from someone who bought a gun to “protect themselves” fortunately they are rare. most homocides in this country are by more or less normal people who are really pissed and have a gun and shoot someone they actually care about and wish they werent dead after they kill them, or they shoot them by accident, or are suicides (2/3rds of all gun deaths are depressed people, who if they were not able to get a gun easier than they could get good mental health care, would not be dead)

      • lwk2431 says:

        anthonyuplandpoetwatkins wrote:

        “…most homocides in this country are by more or less normal people…”

        Beg to differ on that. Most homicides are committed by people with a long history of violence and are often well known to the police when they kill someone.

        I know we are on different sides of this issue. Here is a book you ought to read perhaps. It is not by a pro-gun guy at all. It is “On Killing” by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman who studied killing in war. Most “normal” people not only don’t kill, they can’t kill.

        Oddly enough the people who can kill, and without remorse according to Grossman fit into two categories: sociopaths, and very successful people who often end up being popular politicians or very successful in business or public life.

        “2/3rds of all gun deaths are depressed people, who if they were not able to get a gun easier than they could get good mental health care, would not be dead”

        People who commit suicide with guns tend to be people who really mean it, who are not looking for help, and will find another way to kill themself if guns are not available.


      • the facts dont support your statement, but i doubt that matters to you

      • lwk2431 says:

        anthonyuplandpoetwatkins writes:

        “the facts dont support your statement, but i doubt that matters to you”

        “[T]he use of life-threatening violence in this country is, in fact, largely restricted to a criminal class and embedded in a general pattern of criminal behavior.”
        — Elliot, Delbert S. 1998. “Life Threatening Violence Is Primarily a Crime Problem: A Focus on Prevention.” Colorado Law Review. Vol. 69, no. 4, p. 1085.

        “Research consistently shows that populations of homicide offenders and victims generally have higher-than-average rates of arrest and conviction for a variety of offenses. The National Criminal Justice Commission estimates that about 30 million Americans–approximately 15% of the U.S. population over age 15–have an arrest record (citations omitted). Studies of homicide, however, reveal that typically about 70% of U.S. offenders have been arrested in the past (usually more than once; see [Wolfgang, Marvin E. 1958. Patterns in Criminal Homicide. Philadelphia: University of Philadelphia Press. P. 177]) and about 50% have been convicted of an offense (see Kleck and Bordua, 1983:293). …

        “Less is known about the criminal record of victims, but the same pattern is evident. In Wolfgang’s (1958:175, 180) study of criminal homicide in Philadelphia during 1948-1952, almost half of the victims had a history of arrest.”
        — Cooney, Mark. 1997. “The decline of elite homicide.” Criminology 35:381-407.

        The annual Chicago Police Department bulletin Murder Analysis shows the following figures for the percentage of murderers who had prior crime records:

        1991: 77.15%
        1990: 74.63%
        1989: 74.22%
        1988: 73.59%
        1987: 73.81%

        Milwaukee – “Of the 2011 homicide victims, 76% (65) had a prior arrest and/or citation and of known 2011 homicide suspects 90% (74) had prior arrests/citations. Similar trends are found for nonfatal shooting victims and suspects.”

        San Francisco – In 1999, 74% of identified homicide suspects had prior criminal histories (source [pdf] [p. 176]). 67.5% of the homicide victims had a criminal history. 75% of juveniles and 48% of the adult homicide and assault victims had between 2 and 10 felony charges.

        — end quotes —



        (You’ll probably say this is a pro-gun site so all these are just made up)


      • not at all. it is quite possible those numbers are true, but a large number of the people who never kill anyone have felonies. a felony arrest can be when a slightly inebriated 20 something female gets in an argument with a policemen, or when some kid shop lifts at a Walmart. and by the way, again, 2/3rds of those killed with guns are suicides, and you are completely wrong in saying that gun suicides are remarkably more certain that they really want to be dead than other types of suicide attempts. they are remarkably less likely to survive, but of those who do survive from all types of suicide attempts, most realize after the attempt that they really didnt want to be dead forever, even those who try again…. then of the remaining 10,000 or so cases where the person killed is not trying to kill themselves a lot of domestic violence and family accidents and incidental shootings are accouted for. yes, a lot of folks involved with guns have had ru n ins with the law. a case can be made that gun owners have a tendency to be more aggressive, which lets them cross law enforcement more often, and it also means they are more likely to be in situations that a thinking person, who is unarmed might decide to avoid. sure a lot of urban 16-21 yr olds, especially males, and especially young men of color tend to be disproportionately the shooter and the victim, but even in the country and in the suburbs, middle class middle aged white folks of both genders are more likely to be killed by a gun if there is a gun in the house. and the more guns there are in a neighborhood, the more likely innocent children will be killed, intentionally or accidentally. if guns were very useful, there might be a justification for having them so widely distributed in society, say like a car kills almost as many people, but even though we work hard to make them safe3r, we still recognize their net benefit, guns dont do much except increase the owners, friends and neighbors likelihood of getting kille4d or injured. you know, at the time of the 2nd amendment slavery was legal. as we moved towards a more civlized world, we realized that slavery was unacceptable. it seems to me, that a civilized country would also move to a more restrictive use of guns. not a ban, be a need tested qualification, as well as some strong competency regulations to issue licenses to not only carry, but to even possess….

  3. lwk2431 says:

    “we could offer, not to buy back guns, but to perform free penis enhancement for white men,”

    At the same time maybe you could offer “vagina tightening” surgeries for all the **************** out there?

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

      sorry but it seems you are one of the “small penis types”, your language is too rude for decent conversation. I had to edit it.

      no idea about that, but as the stats seem to indicate that women are not the problem, i dont see spending tax payer dollars to fix a perceived problem that does not effect public safety.

      • lwk2431 says:

        Yes, it was crude. I am sick and tired of idiots who talk about guns and penises. I think that people who continue to do that deserve every rude and crude thing that comes back at them.

        Comparing penises to guns is a form of hate speech.


      • just looking at the facts.

        the other possibility, as i said is an unusual dose of either cowardice or stupidity among white males in general, as a white male, i prefer to think that isnt the problem, and i also find it to be a problem that is relatively unfixable, if it is the case.

        so in the spirit of the old charlie brown cartoon, i say we look under the street light for the quarter, first. how much can it be to stitch in a little extension, your suggestion would be of consideration, no matter how crude, if the majority of gun owners were women who had borne a certain number of children or whatever, but as it is, it is the white male, who not only accounts for the most guns, but the most gun deaths. of course as most gun deaths are suicides or accidents, maybe we just need to get white males to take some uppers and drink more coffee, not sure, but the state of women’s physiology dont seem to be the overriding factor here. if we could reduce our gun deaths to a rate comparable to the middle of the pack with the rest of the civilized world, a solution that does not infringe on your sacred 2nd amendment, i am listening.

        Historically, neither the death penalty, nor “3 strikes” sentences, while generally helpful in reducing REPEAT offenders, have done little to stop the gun deaths. so, penis aside (please!), if you want to exercise your (and sadly, this supreme court’s) interpretation of the 2nd amendment, please help us to find a way for you to do it where our children arent more likely to die than they would be otherwise. admittedly, you and your children are about 7 times more likely to die from a gun shot than those of us who do not own guns, but that is small comfort when one of your nutcase buddies shoots up a school, a church and office, or when my child goes to visit a friend whose father is a gun nut and we havent realized that yet (yes, my son is never allowed to go to someone’s house where there is a gun, no matter who the homeowner is) my child or the gun nuts child finds a gun and gets killed.

        as soon as you solve this, we lefty nuts will go back to fighting global warming, racial discrimination and unfair wealth distribution and leave you gunnies to yourselves….

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