The Biggest Miscalculation by a Political Party in my Lifetime?

Obamacare stands to be a bigger success than Medicare and Social Security combined! And it will forever be branded as a Democratic Ideal, much as the Emancipation Proclamation and ending slavery equaled Republican from 1864-1964!

This is probably the biggest miscalculation by a political party in my lifetime….

Besides eliminating the dreaded pre existing condition opt out for insurance companies, (which of course meant if you had any real condition that need medical attention, your insurance company would have to pay for it!), besides allowing children to stay on their parent’s policy until they are 26, besides requiring insurance companies to offer three plans that match the same criteria, Obamacare appears to be poised to unleash a ton of policy options that offer better coverage than current private policies at a rediculously lower premium! And doing so while allowing the free market to dictate a fair price that allows companies to make a reasonable profit in the process!

Makes one wonder, if the new, better policies cost several hundred dollars per month less for a typical family of four, before any subsidies are added in, just how much were the insurance companies ripping us off for in the past?!

I went to work for a truly great company earlier this year, Folding Shutter Corporation, They treat both their employees and their customers with integrity and fairness. Prior to my starting to work there, i been without health insurance since 1995!

As it is, for about 200.00 per month, I have pretty good insurance. We pieced together a policy for Christopher for a little over 100.00 and Suzanne has coverage through work for a little under 100.00.

After nearly 20 yrs with no health insurance, a time when I found I had a melanoma, high blood pressure and sugar issues I am very grateful to my employer for having any kind of insurance! But I am interested to see if we can improve coverage under one plan through the exchange.

Fortunately, I think we are going to not qualify for any subsidies. But I am excited for my friends and family members who will and who may be able to get coverage for a very small investment.

What I cannot understand, if more people are being covered, if the costs are coming down, if the insurance companies are still making a profit, and if at least 65% of America either approve of Obamacare or wish to see it expanded and improved, what do the GOP hope to gain by railing against what will surely become the most popular govt program this side of the interstate highway system?

Hmmm… wonder if he had called it the National Security and Health Defense Act….


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2 Responses to The Biggest Miscalculation by a Political Party in my Lifetime?

  1. mefoley says:

    I saw a video of what was said to be an ad running on American television in which a doctor about to do a Pap smear left the room and an inflated dummy that looked like an evil, creepy version of Uncle Sam popped up to do the test instead. Uh, WHAT? The message was that we need to keep the government out of our medical care. But… under Obamacare, doctors will still be doing Pap smears. In fact, they’ll be doing more of them. And since Planned Parenthood is where millions of women get their Pap smears and the funding for Planned Parenthood has been attacked, it’s a good thing that more women are going to have insurance and get their Pap smears. The *underlying* message seemed to be that it would be better not to have a Pap smear than to have the government pay for you to get one. That…doesn’t even make any SENSE. Pure scarmongering. This is, I read, part of a campaign to scare people, and especially young adults (why?), away from Obamacare. What a bizarre thing for people to donate money for a political party to do — scare people away from a government program that can benefit them to the point of actually extending their lives.

    I will never understand these people.

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