Would You Like an Old Convertible Rolls Coupe?

There was a time I contemplated trying to buy one.

Today, online, I read a poem written by a friend of a friend, or at least a virtual friend of a virtual friend.

The poem was about how the poet so wanted to have another person’s BMW. It occurs to me, that the poet may have been using the BMW as a metaphor.

I have been told I am very smart by enough people I tend to believe them. But when it comes to reading, I often miss what more clever readers see, so i cant say for sure what the poem meant.

I can, however, say what it started me thinking about. It occurs to me, that under no circumstances would I ever want somebody else’s BMW, or my own BMW, or even drive someone else’s BMW.

When I was a kid, I used to want a Ferrari, or even a Maserati, I even lusted after the cute little Mercedes coupe, the 280, but then that made it ugly and big, and I even liked the little BMW 2002, not the year, back in the 60s, it was a model, kinda a precursoer to the 300 series, it was Renault ugly, but it was cute in an ugly sort of way.
Generally, I dont like a lot of things, i mean i dont like them so much i dont even understand how other people like them. you know, pre ground coffee, 90% of all TV programs, Starbucks coffee, whiskey, Margaritas, sushi and at least 100 other things that are wildly popular,
and yet i love lots of things that are mass marketed, things a lot of other folks would die before eating, wearing, doing, and so on.

What makes humans so predictable that a relatively smart person can make and market something to millions, and yet millions of other folks will viscerally hate it, and they will love things that others hate. What makes us this way? Why dont I wish I had your BMW? (oh, i loved the old Bavaria, and the older 507, i think it was, but the truth is, these days, i am pretty sure even if i won a powerball, i couldnt drive a car that cost ten times more than a reasonable facsimile might cost, or even 2-3 times. Why?


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2 Responses to Would You Like an Old Convertible Rolls Coupe?

  1. Alan Watkins says:

    Every one needs a god or maybe God and most of our culture worships at the feet of the god of materialism. If everyone else likes it I must like it too.

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