God Dollars

ImageAs someone who is often amused by the stampings on currency, both the original and the ad hoc, when i saw this repost from a distant ex relative i was amused. I do not mean to mock my Muslim friends anymore than I mean to mock my Christian ones. but having religious arguments on money seems ironic at best.

with exception of the bastardized Prosperity Theology, which is about the absolute furthest thing from the teachings of Jesus there ever was (i think it beats out Satanism by a hair), no religion really encourages the sanctity of money. Of course the poor Muslim was just doing what the Christians had already done, both respectively marking their spots, a little like my dog does when she squats twenty times around the edge of our moderate sized backyard.

I am happy for people of faith, as long as that faith helps them do what i believe a good human being should do already, treat all things, living and inert with respect, realizing that we are all in this together, the people the bugs, the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, the Catholics, the Baptists, the Methodists, the Lutheran, the Mormons, the Orthodox (of various sorts), the Sunni, the Shia, the Conservative, the Reformed, the atheist, and those who havent given it much thought. And while, over a beer or a good cup of coffee, i do not mind having a friendly discussion about the merits of whichever label you are interested in. if you want to kill me, or if you want me to kill someone else over beliefs, my thoughts are, you need a new religion. maybe a whole new god, because destroying god’s creation in the name of god is about as stupid an idea as any fool has ever dreamed up. Why we cant admit that god, be he or she real or imagined, ( i like to imagine my god as either a friendly old grandfather, or conversely a wrathful intergalactic spider), money is not the place for religion.

Can we take the “In God We Trust” which we added in our collective spiritually insecure days of the “Red Scare” off our money? Can we quit saying we are at war with Islam?


we got tired of hating Jews, Catholics and Black folk, so we need a new group to hate? and by the way, you hand full of really stupid Muslims who play the same game from the other side, you can stop it, too. Aint nobody coming to Allah ’cause you play the fool’.

a little love and kindness shown to me in 1977 by a band of Black Muslims in Cincinnati Ohio has forever made me a person who will give a Muslim a chance, otherwise if all I knew of Islam was the crazy stuff, i’d be as prejudiced as the next ignorant Christian. I am certain I will never become a Christian again, nor a Muslim, nor will I ever take up any fairytale and believe it for true, but if I was ever gonna do it, it would be the kindness, the love, the basic goodness of a religion and its followers that would convert me. whether you stamp in green ink, like the bigoted Christians, or in red, like the devout misguided Muslim, you are doing a lot more harm than good.


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