Can We Talk?

As I have several different areas I like to go on about, I am thinking to break my blog into at least 3 lines, or, actually, three different blogs, which means I can feel free to invite everybody to read my poetry, my reminiscences, and some folks to read my philosophical bits and political/religious slash rants. But for now, I am posting this one in the original, mostly because I cant yet figure out who is who and what is what to divide up.

I have been listening to Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior on audio book. At first it started off awful weak, but eventually it has turned into one of those stories I look for an excuse to get in the car so I can hear a little more. It is more or less a post apocalyptic tale of monarch butterflies, along with a bunch of observations of the human condition, but the thing among a hundred other things that got me to thinking is that monarchs eat milkweed as caterpillars so they become toxic and other animals mostly wont eat them, except apparently red ants are happy to eat the milkweed filled caterpillars, or maybe the larvae before they consume the milkweed, not sure, and hardly care.

The thing I got to thinking about is bug and beast logic. For the longest time, I was told that only humans had self awareness, that only humans contemplated the great beyond, that only humans, fill in the blank. At age 5 I thought that was pretty much crap, at age 15, I was pretty sure that thinking and those who spouted it were human centric fools. Now, almost another 40 yrs into the days of my life, it occurs to me, that that isn’t even the point. How does one bird, lets say, tell its family that it was a butterfly that made it sick, or especially a butterfly that killed it? And secondly, how does it know. If it ate 46 butterflies and only two of them were monarchs, would it know that it was a monarch that made it sick? Or even if it was just one butterfly for the morning and by noon the bird was puking its guts out, is a bird brain literally smart enough to say, “hmm, I think it was that monarch”?

and how the heck did the little tiny butterfly brain learn to eat it and how come it don’t make the butterfly sick and how come the butterfly knew it could eat it and not die, and how come it knew eating would be a protection? Kinda all the same question, but really complexities on the issue, really complex for a small brain. There are lots of other questions.

Next up on Can We Talk? The woman killed trying to ram into the White House….


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