What’s Happened To TV, Or Is It Me?

What’s going on?

For years i could safely say i did not watch TV, and I did not miss it. And I pretty much knew what I was talking about, because, unlike me, Suzanne watches a good bit of TV, so over my laptop, i suffered thru quite a bit of what I considered bad TV, and when she wasnt watching some drama i found unwatchable, or a painful episode of one of the many housewives franchises, she was watching a fashion or cooking reality show, which i didnt hate, but would not have turned the TV on for.

Fortunately, we have had some kind of DVR type system for many years, so she can fast forward thru commercials, so i havent seen a commercial in years, with the rare exception of the one or two live Auburn games i watch most years.

(Suzanne has to find the games and either  let it play or record it for me)

Now West Wing was an exception, but then, so is Aaron Sorkin. I really liked Over There, but it got cancelled or Aaron checked out, i’m not sure which. after what? two seasons? so i was quietly waiting for Sorkin to do something else, and in the meantime, confidently saying, “I DONT WATCH TV.”

Then Sorkin started up with his Newsroom show!, Then we discovered House of Cards, and Suits (Suits I kinda like, but is closer to Mad Men, in the “also annoys me” factor. (Suzanne used to watch madmen, but i think she finally got annoyed with it, too) Then Orange is the New Black, though again, it is almost as annoying as it is watchable, We are crazy about Scandals!!! not as good in the writing department as Sorkin’s work, but good and Kerry Washington is stunning to look at. I guess Ms Rhimes decided that her other hit show has eye candy for the ladies and so she let us guys have a pretty face on Scandals, but it is more than just watching Kerry, her staff of “gladiators” and the foes they wage war against and on behalf of (sometimes they turn out to be both clients and the enemy). Its like a pretty version of Lost (yeah i watched about a half a season of Lost before i tired of it, maybe if Kerry had been in it, instead of the fat guy….)

Anyway, I now watch five shows, will watch Two Broke Girls on a slow night, or Big Bang, though sitcoms always wear thin on me. i still watch TV with my laptop in my lap, i cant just stare at a TV screen, but I am actively watching nearly a show every night, not just bearing through them for Suzanne’s sake. I still dont know how to turn the TV on, or change channels, or have any idea how to record a show, but I can no longer say I dont watch TV. Has TV changed? for the better? have i lowered my standards? (i dont think so)

What’s going on?


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