The Truth About Truckers and Trucking Blockades

Truckers look like rednecks, they talk like rednecks, they wear boots and big belt buckles and they probably blow their air horns when they go under an overpass with Obama haters waving upside down flags and Don’t Tread on Me flags. but then they would blow their horns at cute girls in bikinis waving Obamacare flags. Most truckers are moderately gregarious and spend a lot of time alone, so when they see other humans, they tend to feel an affection for them.

Truckers fall into two main categories, self employed and employees. Employees drive trucks with GPS and other sattelite tracking devices on them. If they go more than about 1/4 mile off track, they better have a good reason. If they are self employed, they do it for the money. And driving at a cost of at least a dollar per mile, and not getting paid for it isn’t gonna happen.




Sure, in the 1970s when diesel fuel went through the ceiling and at other times when tolls have gone up or new taxes were levied or new regs that cut into their checks, they invested time and diesel fuel to make a point. But if you want them to drive around DC for free to protest that Obamacare might help their family get better healthcare, not likely. If they work for a trucking company, the chances that company is going to pay them a small fortune to NOT deliver freight when the question of what the Tea Cakers really even want isnt clear? Even less likely.

No thanks!

If the company is unhappy with the Govt, they will just up their donation to the profession lobbyist who represents trucking interests. So you wanna make the truckers mad enough to blockade DC? Raise diesel a  thing, buck or two, or restrict them to no more daylight driving or some such thing. But dont expect them to show up because a bunch of politicians didnt get their way.


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