“Well, Do Ya, Punk?”

Long before Clint Eastwood went screwy with the chair, I really liked him as an actor. I loved him in Paint Your Wagon, and loved him as Dirty Harry and as Bronco Billy. This is a story about guns, so who better to steal from?


Interesting violent death stats:


It is easy to take some comfort that the USA falls about half way down the list of nations, but it is no comfort when you realize no European country, save some former Eastern Bloc countries, have even half as many violent deaths per 100,000 people! Wow!

Of course, there is this, which might be a better point of departure when discussing gun control:



We do kill others at a much higher rate than Western Europe, but there is a tendency for them to kill themselves at a higher rate, with or without guns. Without doing the hard research, it looks like we could expect to see the 50,000 (30,000 with guns) or so people who either kill themselves or someone else might drop by as much as 9,000-10,000, based on Canada, England and Ireland, and maybe another 1,000 due to accidental gun deaths, (almost unheard of in countries with strict gun control), so if we restricted guns to the sane, responsible and competent, we would likely see a great decrease in GUN violence, maybe 90%, but we would see an offsetting increase in the non gun murder and suicide rates so the 50,000 deaths would be about 40,000 deaths.


You have to ask yourself, are 10,000 American lives every year a fair price to pay to keep allowing every criminal, crazy, and evil SOB to have a gun?

(Twice as many as the entire Iraq-Afghanistan American losses, 1/5 the entire Vietnam loss and 3 times as many Americans as died on 9/11)

Or to quote from one of my favorite gun scenes: “Well, do ya, punk?”


And while you ponder this, I would advise you to watch both Paint your Wagon (love the singing to the trees and Lee Marvin’s Under a Wandering Star!!!) and The Gauntlet (my favorite of the Dirty Harry pics) WHOOPS! My friend Jens Bang, with consideration for not embarrassing me, sent me a private note reminding The Gauntlet wasnt part of the dirty Harry Series, which might be why i liked it better…) Thanks Jen, its hard to embarrass me, especially by correcting a misstatement!



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