A Little Housekeeping (in the form of a question (actually 9 questions))

Since I started blogging, I have had a few bloggers start to follow my blog, and as both a courtesy and curiosity, I have begun to follow most of them back (I try to follow them all, but sometimes their political rants were so harshly rightwing, I couldnt hang on for the fun stuff). When I started blogging, it was mostly because I thought my rants and poetry needed a specific home, versus just being status updates on my Facebook page. Unfortunately, blogging is kinda like parenting, your website does not come with clear concise instructions on what makes a blog, and what makes a really good blog.

Should one write a little note everyday? Write a more thoughtful piece once per week? Mix it up? Have a blog for poetry, another for political, another for folksy thoughts? It seems some folks do it any way you might think. One blogger I follow gives me so many quotes of the day, I end up deleting most of the email notifications without ever going to the blogsite. As I am an undiagnosed, untreated OCD manic, with very little signs of the depressive side of bi-polarism (I see myself as bouncing from more or less “normal” to hyper), I tend to write in bursts, and I tend to be all over the map.

Oh, and how bad does my inconsistent following of convention of punctuation, capitalization and grammar bother you? I really find the whole system a bit ridiculous, but if it annoys most of you too much, I could make more of an effort, for starters I could compose in word and it would fix half of it automatically…. and do I ellipse and parenthate (sp?) too much?

My question is: what do you like? As my reader, there is little point in me writing and posting anything here that you do not want to see. Would you like for me to post a “thought for the day” everyday? Would you rather I break my posts up into categories so you can enjoy my poetry without the left wing politics, or vice versa? I mean I have enough poems in the dust bin of my archives that I could probably post an old poem any day I have nothing else to say.

I like watching the number of views spike, but they seem to do so more randomly than in response to a certain action on my part. So you, dear Blogite, tell what you want! Of course it is my blog, so I am gonna do what I am gonna do, but I might as well make it as palatable for you as is reasonably possible. If you dont want to reply publicly, you can always drop me a note at anthonyleewatkins@gmail.com, either way, I hope to hear from you, so I can build a better blogtrap:)



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2 Responses to A Little Housekeeping (in the form of a question (actually 9 questions))

  1. I barked up this tree at one stage, wondering how to get the birds to roost in my branches, but decided in the end that I was (still am, I hope) an individual and not a corporation and that the blogosphere could take or leave what I post. Might be twice a day or once a month but until someone pays me I’m doing it my way.
    Also with reading other blogs, I don’t always keep up but I do often catch up, and I always enjoy catching up here, the mix being a big part of the fun.

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