Post BCS My Style

I coulda swore I posted this as a note on Facebook a year or two ago, but upon review, I dont find it there, though most of this was in a file created in 2007)

so here it is:

Watkins New BCS Playoff Plan

  • No team in a conference with a conference championship game can play more than 10 regular season games. A team would have to have at least 6 wins to proceed beyond the regular season. I am pretty sure most schools that were 5-5 or worse would be happy to not stack more opportunities to lose on the end of their year.
  • No conference can require more than 8 conference games
  • Computer rankings to equal 50% of BCS rank with the human polls combining for the other 50%
  • Alternatively to picking the top 16 ranked teams the winners of the major Conferences could enter as the reps for their conference

(ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Mountain West, Pac 10, SEC)

with the last ten being filled by the highest team not already going as Conf. Rep.

  • Top 16 ranked teams will play each other in 1st round, 1/16;2/15, etc.
  • (8 minor and second tier Bowls, 2nd tier bowls would rotate up and down from 1st to 1/4  from year to year)
  • 8 winners advance to 1/4 finals
  • (1 Big Four Bowl + 3 second tier bowls)
  • 4 winners play in semi finals
  • (2 Big Four bowls)
  • 2 winners in Championship game
  • (Rotate big four bowl sites, team in 1/4 final one year would always be the championship game the next)
  • Most teams would actually play less games
  • (good for the academics crowd, only 8 teams would play more than 12 games, whereas today, most of them major football conference schools play 12 before they get to a playoff or a bowl!)
  • Some years 20% of these teams play 14 games.
  • Four teams would play 14 games
  • And only 2 will play 15. Every game would matter.

I am sure No. 17 and 18 would always be fighting about being passed over

But it would be as fair a system as any and would let any team who was undefeated get a shot at the title. But I doubt there are many years the 17th team has a legitimate claim to being the national Champion.


Of course, we could just declare Auburn the greatest school of all for all time and not only do away with the BCS, the playoffs, but the Iron bowl and all of college sports altogether.


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