College Football Playoffs The Big Question Is Always Money


Admittedly, there is one major flaw in my system. That flaw is money. While the 15 games my system proposes will pay at least as much money as the current system with its 5 BCS games and 30 non BCS games, the money and the “glory” will be concentrated on the top teams, though a big portion of the revenue could probably be directed towards non bowl programs as development/parity funds.

Still, there is also the argument that those kids whose team manages to win 6 games or more in a ten game season should be given the opportunity to travel to some distant city over their winter break, do a bit of underage drinking, generally cause a couple days of mischief and then show up, hang over and possibly with a new tattoo and play another team full of slightly drunk kids who are wandering into the stadium filled with alumni and locals more intoxicated than the players. It is a great American tradition, a sacred rite of passion, a game of inches, won in the trenches.

Seriously, if we reduced the bowl season to the 15 games that mattered, that would not only leave students who may or may not actually be attending classes, sitting at home over the holidays, it would mean less TV ad revenue, less endless hours of pointless games to drink beer to, less cash in the pockets of the announcers, the stadium crew, off duty and on duty cops, hotels, restaurants, bars and so on.

So if there are currently 71 out of 124 teams most years that win 6 out of 12 games to become bowl eligible, and there is almost a bowl for for each two teams needed to play it, if we reduce the season to 10 games, and required 6 wins, would there still be enough teams to fill the meaningless holidays with meaningless holiday bowl games? not sure. i think this is a mathematical question, but it is 3:18 am and I have been up since 1:38 am, so my math skills are enshrouded in a fog (though i think my literary ones are seeing a little daylight!)

But no matter, I think I have a solution. There are over 600 teams that play football on some level in the NCAA. if to be eligible, you only had to win 6 games, no matter the level of opponent, and if the most conference games you could play was 8, then you could schedule your non conference games to be push overs, spreading the revenue further and further down the college football system and insuring a greater pool of the 124 who could play an 11th game in now the 20 meaningless bowls. So, if we followed my model, we would reduced the meaningless games from 30 to 20! and given us an undeniable National Champion, probably increased overall viewership and interest and dollars spent.

How would allocate the teams to the 20 other bowl games? I don’t care. I will let an accountant figure that one out. Of course all games are meaningless, in fact, some folks argue life is meaningless. I will not argue that point, except to say life seems much less meaningless than being dead. And if we are going to be alive, and we are not going to spend every moment following the commandments to feed the hungry, clothe the naked comfort the suffering, if we are going to occasionally watch a little TV, drink a beer, go fishing, play a little golf, wander a mall or an electronics or home improvement store looking for something to but that is worth less than we are willing to pay for it, then why not waste some of that time and money on watching large men grunt and fight in an organized way? and if we are going to give meaning to football, why not have 36 college bowl games? Mother Teresa is dead and Johnny Football lives, so whatever morality play that justifies, I say go for it… War Eagle!

So where is the downside?


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