Dr. Anthony’s GOP Salvation Plan


If I was the GOP, I would be praying for Hillary not to run and doing everything I could to get Christie the Nomination!!!

I really shouldnt be giving them any tips, but as I know thery will not listen, I think it is safe for me to explain my roadmap for a 2016 GOP sweep (WH, Cong and Sen):

Embrace immigration reform, and do it in a progressive manner.
Support Gay marriage.
Support Obamacare. Work to improve it, not destroy it.
Support an ERA amendment revival.
Support a higher minimum wage, say $11.00 instead of $15.00 so they can save the Fight to keep abortion laws about where they are (already very restrictive)
Fight to keep gun laws about where they are, but give on assault style weapons.
(Anti assault weapons legislation will not impact 95% of gunowners, and again, would make the GOP look reasonable to the moderate voter.)

Green Energy and the Environment
Quit fighting global warming. Instead suggest that you are looking for “low hanging fruit”. Argue that much more can be done that does not cost the taxpayer and businesses too much money. push hard for low budget, high impact changes, peal off a lot of enviromental libertarians. You dont have to hate oil and coal to support alternatives  and conservation!

Stop with the voter ID laws, leave them where they stand but quit pushing for more. sure, right now, most black voters dont vote GOP, but when Obama is no longer running for President, and you quit looking like the racists jerk that you are, especially if you stay “reasonable” as I have suggested above, instead of getting 3% of the Black vote, you might get 15-20%, thus tipping a lot of purple states back to red.

There you have it, no need to thank me. Like I said, I should be publishing this, but this is like trying to teach the proverbial scorpion to not sting, but it is a huge winning strategy


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2 Responses to Dr. Anthony’s GOP Salvation Plan

  1. gunsafetypro says:

    Last ban on self-loading rifles did not turn out so well for the party that pushed it. Leave gun owners alone and they can be reliable voters for your party.

    • not sure how you figure. what party pushed what ban and then lost control of what part of the govt?

      are you talking state level of federal? I think 1996 did well for the Dems, but maybe you are thinking of CO more recently. Since when did either the GOP ban weapons, or when did gunowners overwhelmingly support Dems? Guns and Abortion are two issues that are hard to win at. if you support or oppose either, you arent likely to net many votes who werent already gonna vote for you.

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