Obamacare at Work! My Payroll Deduction Just Went Up!!!!

We had a mandatory Insurance meeting yesterday. HR said our insurance company was trying to lock in a new policy that meet the ACA requirements before the first of the year. I was prepared for a bit of sticker shock, having heard the horror stories. But I was not prepared for what I found at the meeting.

I had been paying $99.07 pretax every two weeks for my personal health insurance. My deductible was $5000.00 and my co pays were $40.00.
Thanks to Obamacare, my new policy costs $100.42, and for that $1.35, my Deductible went to $2500.00 and my co pays went to $30.00.

(the pencils are to block out the company info, in case any of it is protected. I dont wanna get sued or fired, and yeah the current plan shows a 10K deductible, but my premium included a 5K gap so the net deductible was $5000)

Dont you just hate it when the govt gets involved in your insurance?

Me, too… NOT!!!!


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2 Responses to Obamacare at Work! My Payroll Deduction Just Went Up!!!!

  1. mark heyne says:

    seems like a good deal . However, its still in a competitive commercial model of healthcare, its the competition within the marketplaces that is producing better rates. Which might vindicate right-wing thniking, if they could think straight, but its certainly not universal health care. Obamacare is a massive compromise with commercial interests, the insurance companies, and it is very far from considering health care a basic societal need. [ just sayin’!]

    • agree on all points, but considering the american psyche, well regulated capitalism is typically the best compromise one can make here. to be honest with you, on most arenas, not so much for police, fire, medical or education, i think well regulated capitalism is a good system

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