Guns for Christmas, Okay, Not exactly

First of all, I am not a fan of gun ownership by most private citizens, but we do need to be honest about murder, suicide and gun deaths compared to the rest of the world and especially the “developed world.”


Murder in the USA, like most crime statistics is trending down, and has been, with a few spikes, since the 1980, when the rate hit over 100 per million!
All murders in America stands at about 15,000 per year. a lot of dead people, but not so many, if you think of it as a percentage of the population, less than 50 murders per million people, or about 5 times as high as the developed world, and not at all near the top if you compare it to the world population in total.

Gun murders and gun suicides in countries without easy access to guns are much lower, but total murders and total suicides are not. So banning guns will not greatly reduce the 30,000+ deaths in America currently caused by guns, a lot of those deaths will continue to occur as long as man wants to either kill himself or his fellow man.

What will change is the current rate of 7 people per million in America who are accidentally killed by guns each year. Most gun restricted countries have lees than one per million, so there are 6 times 300 or 1800 Americans killed every year because of our lax gun laws. And a certain percentage of the mass shootings may be reduced, but as they account for about 200-300 deaths per year, and as some crazy killers tend to get weapons or use other methods to commit mass killings in other countries, it is safe to assume we could not reduce this category by more than 200 per year. In spite of the gross scenes of dead babies and innocent bystanders and the horror of suicides, if we outlawed or greatly restricted all guns, including those 200 million plus already in the hands of citizens, we could save UP TO 2000 American lives per year.

I think it is worth it, and I think we can do it in ways that do not seriously impact the ownership of responsible gun owners. limit capacity, require liability insurance, require competency testing, require the owner store guns and and ammo separately and safely in secure containers, register ALL sales by individuals and by dealers. require higher level investigation of multiple gun purchases to a single person both of the individual buyer and the seller.

2000 people out of 300+ million may not seem like a lot (400,000 Americans die of tobacco related issues each year, yet tobacco remains legal) but if your child or loved one is killed by a stray bullet or an accidental shooting that one death is huge, especially if it was avoidable by common sense regulations.

Okay, bring it on you gun lovers who think killing a few kids is a small price to pay for your penis replacement device!


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5 Responses to Guns for Christmas, Okay, Not exactly

  1. lwk2431 says:

    “… when someone says something as patently stupid as that they welcome guns into schools, it is easy to see how most of the world is morally and intellectually superior to that person.”

    I see. You welcome guns in banks in the hands of paid guards, paid to guard your money, but find the idea abhorrent of having paid guards in schools to protect children? Those count as “guns in schools.”

    And of course we protect the President with a lot of guns. And the President sends his kids to a school that has lots of armed guards (not just for his kids, but the other Washington VIPs who send their kids there). We protect a lot of politicians in Washington with guns because they are “important.” But no, our kids are not important enough to protect with guns. Not nearly as important as money and politicians.

    Or, you could teach a class in high schools with real guns where they actually learned something about guns so if they encountered a gun in real life they could make it safe (you do know that cops have accidentally left their handguns in public bathrooms and a BATFE agent lost a fully automatic machine gun not long ago, right?). You could do a lot to teach safety with guns in schools. You could at least teach basic gun safety. But that is stupid so we can’t do that, right?

    Or kids could join a marksmanship team in high school and learn very strict gun safety rules enforced by a crusty old teacher who is probably a vet. We had those when I was in high school and don’t recollect that ever being a problem. Buy no, that is stupid, having guns in school.

    In Texas we have at least one, and maybe more now, school districts where the teachers and staff can get a concealed carry license from the state and if they are individually approved by the principal, carry a concealed handgun in school. They have been doing it now for a couple years without incident, but of course that is stupid, guns in school. That would have been real stupid if the principal at Newtown had had a gun. Some people I think hate guns more than they love children.

    Well, my wife is a teacher of very small and disabled kids and she says they couldn’t hide in a closet and stay quiet, so if her school district ever approves of it she plans on getting a concealed carry license too (I have one, but don’t work in a school). So maybe I am stupid, but I had rather be stupid and love kids enough to want to protect them. If you think that is stupid then I think that is your problem.



  2. lwk2431 says:

    “Okay, bring it on you gun lovers who think killing a few kids is a small price to pay for your penis replacement device!”

    A lot of women are buying “penis replacement device[s]” these days too. Couldn’t write a post without insulting a bunch of people you don’t know, I guess.

    “What will change is the current rate of 7 people per million in America who are accidentally killed by guns each year.”

    Maybe we ought to make gun familiarization and safety training made a mandatory part of the school curriculum. Then when a kid graduates from high school they can get a “gun ownership diploma” along with their regular one? Sounds like a good idea to me to put guns back in our schools.



    • ok, you are right, for some people a gun is a brain replacement

      • lwk2431 says:

        Can’t give it up, can you? Do you think you are morally superior and more intelligent than someone who owns a gun? You seem to have a picture in your mind of gunowners and you can’t see the trees for the forest. 🙂



      • lwk, funny thing is i have been a gunowner, most of my relatives either are or have been gunowners. I do not hold myself out to be morally or intellectually superior to many of them. but when someone says something as patently stupid as that they welcome guns into schools, it is easy to see how most of the world is morally and intellectually superior to that person

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