Kill the Gays, Rick Warren, Westboro Baptist, and You and Me



I responded to a “like” on Facebook by a somewhat distant friend, “S” (his brother and I went to Bible school together back in the late 1970s, maybe S was there, too, I don’t recall. Recently I set up a 2nd Facebook persona so I could interact with all my old family and friends and not get tangled up due to my progressive attitude, which is not where most of them are.


I have held my tongue there, mostly, when it comes to posts about guns, race, hunting, Obamacare, anti Gay marriage and so on. I have my regular account, and these people live in the land of darkness. I can either completely leave them behind, or reach out with kindness and try to gently spread a tiny bit of light. For the longest time, I decided to leave them behind, but with age comes a certain tenderness and affection for even the most benighted friends and relative… almost the most, there are a few I cannot bear.


The problem arose this morning when I clicked on that Facebook account and saw S was happy to “like” Rick Warren’s stand against gay marriage on the Piers Morgan show.


Well, the problem is that Warren isn’t just a typical bigot, like so many haters in the “Christian conservative” movement (there is nothing Christian, and hardly anything I would consider conservative about the entire movement. A better name would be the Hateful Coward movement), the problem is that Warren is in a position to really hurty people. And he has used his position to do just that:


Of course, when called out on it, he gave a wink and a nod and said it went too far, not that he quit supporting those behind it.


Not only will this bill create a situation where murdering a gay person is not a crime, if it becomes law. It goes a long way towards creating that environment just by having so much support behind it from American “Christians” like Warren and Lively.


Its funny, though you will occasionally hear in closed door comments that the folks at Westboro have a point, most evangelicals will publicly distance themselves from Westboro, more for protesting Military funerals than for hating on gays.


Now you can hate Jews, Blacks, Native Americans (from north or south of the border), Gays or whoever you like. That just makes you a small minded evil hearted person. You are welcome to that. But when you invoke your religion to validate your evil ways, you are harming your faith. And when you actively lobby for the destruction of any group, you are committing crimes against humanity. And Warren is in that camp. I would suggest even the most blinded bigots amongst us should avoid following that kind of evil.


S sent me a private message quoting Leviticus. Funny, pretty sure he eats bacon and cheeseburgers, and probably travels further than a Sabbaths days journey on Sunday now and then. Yet, he, like so many “Christians” uses a few words here and there to condemn something the person he considers the son of God chose to never speak of.


You see, I am not at all sure that Jesus ever lived, that any of the New Testament occurred in anywhere near the format it is presented to us today, but S believes it did. If you really believe that Jesus is God, come down to earth as a man, and that the words we have that he spoke are the divine words of God, shouldn’t we pay attention to the matters He chose to address?


In three years of teaching and preaching, in a time when both abortions and homosexuality were not uncommon, he spoke of neither.


He did speak of selling all ones wealth, giving it to the poor, and living one’s life as a missionary. He did speak of lust, of greed, or boasting, of self righteousness of the error of judging others. He did tell us to pay our taxes. He seemed more concerned with the hardness of one’s heart, the vain notion that one could be just due to one’s religion and the piety of obeying rules. He gave us many parables, he gave us the Good Sam story to show that the true way to heaven was not through the “Right religion” but through the right spirit.


There are things I have issue with that Jesus did not speak of, or stands where I find him too ambiguous, but I am not a Christian, and certainly not a devout one, but even I, an atheist, can see the focus on the things Jesus avoided talking about while avoiding dealing with the things he did talk about are problematic for anyone who uses the term Christian to describe themselves. If they want to call themselves Hateful Cowards, then I can at least give them points for honesty. So, if you love Jesus, act like! Quit with the lies, hatred and bigotry, and most of all, quit trying to hurt others in the name of Jesus!!!!!



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