In a Messy World

Where children are blown to bits in schools and hospitals,
Where kids are interned into dog runs after trekking
Thousands of miles in the shadows of Mexico
Where the good guys are corrupt
And the bad guys rape women
As God’s punishment for being female

In this world, where black kids still start at the back of the line
This fat old white man takes every break
His entitled butt can get,
And that is barely enough, though it is more
Than most of the world can ever dream of
Wages in multiples of the minimum

In my gated green lawn universe I sit a write rants of rage
On behalf of all those less fortunate than me
And yet, in my heart,
I know I accomplish nothing,
Can accomplish nothing,
Will accomplish nothing.

In a disappearing world of blind white ignorance
My life is just one more meaningless chime
Ringing in a darkening universe
As the truth, like the sun
Collapses in on itself I die
And nothing changed because I lived.


About anthonyuplandpoetwatkins born in Jackson, The United States August 04, 1959 gender male website genre Poetry, Historical Fiction influences James M. Lancaster, Brenda Black White, Gertrude Stein, William Carlos Williams, and Al Filreis member since March 2011 About this author edit data As one of the most public lives ever lived by a private citizen, there is little about me that isn't already available at Facebook or Shelfari and countless other places. Poet, writer, construction worker, salesman, truck driver, climber into the attics of total strangers, father and husband, and all around one of the luckiest men on the planet. My luck continued with a win in the June Goodreads Newsletter Contest! What an honor! http://anthonyuplandpoetwatkins.wordp... Additional Influences: Bob Dylan, William Faulkner, Barbara Kingsolver, Gloria Naylor, Eudora Welty
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