Go Down, Moses 18/8 a random poem

Go Down, Moses 18/8 a random poem

and the Uncle

him clear ran the

got the stick

Afterward, own a to

behind always

Uncle the it, him

could first a right


just and him.

Buck fell one for here

Buck on the wasn’t

out him been

I think I have stumbled onto a new form of poetry, inspired by Modern & Contemporary American Poetry
by Al Filreis, generally, and the “chance” poetry discussion especially:

Take one of your favorite books (I am starting with Go Down, Moses, by Faulkner) then I had planed on taking three dice and rolling them to determine page number. I am not sure if I should give each die a place number (ones, tens or hundreds). And if I did, seems that would limit my page selections to pages past 100, or I could total them, or what the heck, I could just thumb through until I get to a page that strikes my fancy. Next, I roll one or two dice and use that number to select the word pattern. But the I get into an issue, should I rigidly follow that pattern? Should I roll between every word? And then especially with Faulkner, the “N” word is always a clear and present threat to pop up in your poem. In a Faulkner novel written in 1940, it is one thing, but for a white guy in 2014 to be randomly dropping that kind of thing into a “poem” might be more controversial than even I care to be.

Or does it matter? Should I a grab a good word when it comes by, reject an unsuitable one, or just say what the hell and roll with it?

I started with Was, page 18, and my random selection is the number 8, so I used every 8th word

Seems I ended up skipping every interesting word on the page!

Go Down, moses 18 8


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