Who Am I? Who Am I Voting For?

In 2004, I was the lead volunteer for Dennis Kucinich, in my county during the Democratic Primary. I went to the state convention and tried to get him elected president. He was not/ is not as liberal as I am, but I really liked him.
I voted for Mondale and Dukakis, and Bill Clinton, though my first choice was Paul Tsongas, and I voted for Gore and Kerry and Obama twice. And you might think if I am more liberal than Dennis, I probably am a big supporter of Bernie Sanders.
The problem is, I am more interested in a set of issues and an outcome than I am in finding the most liberal person running.
I support open borders, a $15.00 minimum wage. I support free college and universal healthcare, single payer. I support disarming the police, and a good portion of the citizenry. I support black folks and brown folks and gay folks and trans folks and people with mental illness not being oppressed and killed by cops and thugs. I support full reparations for Native Americans and African Americans, whatever that means. I certainly support open borders for those folks who are native born to the Americas.
I support Gay Marriage, Clean Air, and vigorous investment in many forms of green tech. I support closing about 80% of military bases, for their current use, and keeping the career personnel and training them to run a Peacecorp, not a “Warcorp”, a universal draft into the service of our country, domestically and foreign.
The way I see it, if you immigrate at an age above 18, you must first spend a year on a small stipend, working in our “Servicorp.” If you are native born, or come here before your 18th birthday, on your 18th birthday, you sing up to serve. All able bodied folks will get a condensed “boot camp”, a real boot camp with physical, and mental military training, and then all would be evaluated for literacy and general health. And assigned to whatever mission we, as a society, needed them for. After a year, you would be an official American citizen, you could vote, get healthcare, go to school for free, and of course pay your taxes.
I support investing in America and the world, thru education and poverty prevention. I support a real tough equal pay for equal work, and equal opportunity quota system, for private business and for elective office. (I would be for a system that allocated a certain number of seats on ethnicity and gender and sexual orientation until we got there naturally.)
I support ending the death penalty and life in prison. . I support the legalization of ALL drugs. If a drug makes you commit a crime, you pay for the crime, not the drug.
I believe in taxing the wealthy and even those of us who are just a little better than comfortable, at a rate that pays to bring our poorest into the lower middle class, at least. I would try to end privatization of govt functions and non-profit functions. That is to say, I would work to ban for profit schools, colleges, hospitals, prisons, etc.
So, who am I supporting? Hillary! She is a center right corporatist. I know that. How can I vote for her? Wasn’t I disappointed in Obama’s desertion of us lefties? Between Shell permits to explore the Arctic, and now this horrible Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP)? Ok, I have to ask my fellow lefties a question they love to ask the idiots on the other side when they want to repeal Obamacare: You haven’t read the final version of the trade deal. Congress will get to vote on it, but until then, it is a series of negotiations. But even if the finished product isn’t what you want, what would you replace it with? Obamacare is far from what I wanted, but it is the best we could get at the time, and better than what we could get now. What do YOU know about the trade deal? What do you know that Obama is leaving on the table?
So, in short, no, he has not disappointed me. And I am excited to think Hillary might be nearly as good for 8 more years!!!


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