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About anthonyuplandpoetwatkins born in Jackson, The United States August 04, 1959 gender male website genre Poetry, Historical Fiction influences James M. Lancaster, Brenda Black White, Gertrude Stein, William Carlos Williams, and Al Filreis member since March 2011 About this author edit data As one of the most public lives ever lived by a private citizen, there is little about me that isn't already available at Facebook or Shelfari and countless other places. Poet, writer, construction worker, salesman, truck driver, climber into the attics of total strangers, father and husband, and all around one of the luckiest men on the planet. My luck continued with a win in the June Goodreads Newsletter Contest! What an honor! http://anthonyuplandpoetwatkins.wordp... Additional Influences: Bob Dylan, William Faulkner, Barbara Kingsolver, Gloria Naylor, Eudora Welty

For my Seventh Birthday

I got my last dead grandpa, I saw daddy cry.   By most accounts, my first dead grandpa was a saint.   I mostly remember pictures.   And folks, including my last grandma, who will never quite be dead, thought … Continue reading

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Oh Lord, Give Me Not a Simple Prayer

Why do people want a “simple prayer”? Give me long and complex rituals! Neither do any good, but, like solving a Rubic’s cube offers no answers but is a fun challenge (until you get bored with it), a complex ritual … Continue reading

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Dark Rainy Saturday Afternoon

awaken from nap to mother’s voice my dead mother   and wonder is she close after time passed   or am I closer to where she is than I think?

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Warm Against my Thigh and Not Dreaming

I am awake: I hear my wife get up and go to the bathroom, and then out again.   I feel the curled-up dog- warm against my thigh- through the covers, yet I am dreaming.   There is a pull-down … Continue reading

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I Am Not Suicidal

In fact most days if I could be healthy I’d like to live to be 94   or 100   but some days I’d like to die early not tomorrow but not too far away   and some days that … Continue reading

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Lady Baby Jesus

has angel wings only they aren’t angel wings, but look like them, except hers   have a little good crown at the top signifying this: She is the “head bitch in charge.”   She pronounces all our guilt, shakes her … Continue reading

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The Boat He Drove Down Dexter Avenue

Maybe this isnt a poem, maybe it is:   He drove a pale blue green car the color of the water off the beach Destin Florida with fins that came up to my shoulder. soft white leather seats and a … Continue reading

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